Enriched by a 25 years international experience in corporate finance finance and business development role, Jean-Christophe PIC is also Associate Professor at the CELSA-Paris Sorbonne university.

He is an an expert in Business Model methodology, Business plan presentation, Entrepreneurial finance. He is lecturing in executive MBA and masters both in France and abroad (USA, Abu Dhabi,…) and support young and medium size companies through their creation and growth phases. He’s co-director of the post graduate Mastère in entrepreneurship and innovation in CELSA Paris-Sorbonne university.

Jean-Christophe is a graduate of Paris-Dauphine University and HEC Paris Business School where he obtained his Master’s  degree (cum laude) with a specialization in Corporate Financial Management. He is currently conducting PhD research on Entrepreneurship and Imitation/Innovation strategy.

He has a professional track record of over 25 years, in various enterprises and in many contexts (creation of enterprises, international development, diversification, fund raising …).

Through his experience in business, constant monitoring and teaching of best practices, exchanges and simulation exercises with entrepreneurs, decision makers, and investors; Jean-Christophe has developed expertise in formulating and presenting successful entrepreneurial ventures,  in fundraising process, with commercialization of innovation.

This expertise includes:

- definiting  value proposal and business model design

- formulating methodologies in drafting and presenting business plans
- designing economic and financial modeling
- improving presentation skills when meeting banks, investors and decision makers
- promoting  best practices in fundraising, and company finance management control

He coaches entrepreneurs and project developers, to commercialize their ideas; and supports organizations dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Currently Jean-chistophe is co-director of the Paris Sorbonne Master’s post graduate degree program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and he is also responsible for the Financial Strategy module in the executive MBA at Paris Sorbonne University-Celsa.  He manages and conducts seminars in France and internationally on creating and presenting business models and business plans.  Jean-christophe also teachs at the Agro Paris Tech University, Paris Arts et Métiers, Paris 2, Paris 6 UPMC-sciences, and in english, at the Abu Dhabi campus of the Sorbonne University  and at University of San-Francisco.

Jean-Christophe is a regular contributor to Les Echos (the daily French financial newspaper) and is a jury member for doctoral examinations in the field of business innovation.


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